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Election manifestos offer bold aims but little detail on banking reform

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The banking system needs to do a better job of supporting businesses and serving customers according to the manifestos of the three main parties published this week. Labour promise to “develop a banking system that works for businesses in every region and every sector in Britain”. The Conservatives “will continue to build a stronger, safer and more secure banking system that… provides businesses with the finance they need to grow and create jobs”[2] and the Liberal Democrats pledge to “grow a competitive banking sector, support alternative finance providers and improve access to finance for business and consumers”[3].

GlennAm I missing something here? Or are you? No mention of the Green Party, which pretty much advocates your monetary policy....

May 2015

bankster01Douglas Carswell is a strong supporter of banking reform, and has a great deal of sympathy for Positive Money's views....

April 2015

RealistWhere is the critique of the UKIP manifesto. You can write about the Green's and their complete fantasies but ignore the realism that is UKIP's answer to the problems many in this country are experiencing.I assume it is doctrine on your part so I am withdrawing my support for your campaign....

April 2015
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Would stripping banks of their power to create money cause a shortage of money, high unemployment and an economic decline? (Report)

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Some economists and commentators have claimed that Positive Money’s proposals for a sovereign money system, in which banks are not permitted to create money, would leave the economy with a money and credit supply that is rigid, inflexible and unresponsive to the needs of the wider economy. According to one critic, such a system would result in “a shortage of money, high unemployment and low economic activity”.

ignasi orobitg geneCatalonia, a region in the north east of Spain also wants to be an independent state, a free people added to the rest of the people doEuropean Union nations, and who wants to have their own sovereign currency.States defend its national companies, peoples defend the interests of the majority of its c...

February 2014

simonthorpeGreat to hear Ben on the radio. But what a shame that he was only allowed to get a few sentences in. But, relative to the virtually total media blackout that has applied up to now, even a few sentences is a significant breakthough.I'm hoping and praying that there will be some media coverage of the...

February 2014

Vince Richardson5 intelligent,knowledgeable speakers on the most important subject in the world and we have only 20 minutes .....then we are off to the zoo!.Give me strength!!Everyone on the planet knows this is all wrong,it is how we put it right that counts.Though the Market Strategist, Brenda Kelly, seems to thi...

February 2014
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