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What are Economists Saying About Iceland’s Sovereign Money Proposal?

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A study recently commissioned by the Icelandic prime minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, and written by Frosti Sigurjonsson, displays an accurate analysis of how banks create money and endorses Sovereign Money proposals. But what are people saying about the report? Of course there are criticisms of the report and some of the usual misunderstandings, but most people think it's a proposal that merits serious consideration:

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1 weeks ago

Jay GreenYou are right , How long before they gain control of social media tho....

4 weeks ago

Jay GreenEdward Hadas Comments are unnecessary, I am not sure who he thinks he is, I guess he has an unhealthy sense of self importance. If a crackpot is someone who is not an economist but cares greatly about our future generations and not wanting them to be drowning in debt then I must be a crackpot. I won...

4 weeks ago
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Gurmeet SinghPositive money is just trying to create an alternative to get more money allocated to the public, but this will not work. What we need is to convert the Central Banks into prisons and lock all the Central Bankers in there and with their accomplices, for crashing the banking system on purpose as dis...

4 weeks ago

Gurmeet SinghYes Justin's right they need to get the Rothchild Central Bank out and create their own Sovereign money....

4 weeks ago

FortheworldI would like a list of names of such shadow government that rule us all...

April 2015
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Bank of England asks fundamental questions about the future of money

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The Bank of England has set up a new research hub, called "One Bank Research", which is tasked with looking at some of the fundamental question about the future of money and banking. In the past, the Bank's research has often had the aim of backing up the policy decisions of the Governor or the MPC. The One Bank Research initiative's agenda, released last week, asks questions that already start to challenge the Bank's existing policies.

Would stripping banks of their power to create money cause a shortage of money, high unemployment and an economic decline? (Report)

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Some economists and commentators have claimed that Positive Money’s proposals for a sovereign money system, in which banks are not permitted to create money, would leave the economy with a money and credit supply that is rigid, inflexible and unresponsive to the needs of the wider economy. According to one critic, such a system would result in “a shortage of money, high unemployment and low economic activity”.

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