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Is this the Type of Recovery we Need?

budget 2015

In his annual budget speech yesterday, Chancellor George Osborne (the UK’s finance minister) declared that UK economy looks like to be in great shape, and that Britain is “walking tall again”. Jobs are being created, growth is on the up, living standards are improving, the national deficit (as a share of national income) has been halved, and ‘economic security’ is being prioritised.

georgeTalking about "money supply", ie cash in circulation then this statement does make sense...

6 days ago

robertsonjamesThe naive faith of some people in the wisdom and virtue of government and politicians when handed yet more power is limitless, and apparently impervious to any amount of contradictory empirical evidence....

6 days ago

georgeThe only problem with having a central bank creating or destroying money is that it might be under political control. And pressure might be applied to this institution in an election year to create money thereby creating a false feel good factor to help the party in power get re-elected....

2 weeks ago
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There is an elephant in the room at this election

There is an elephant in the room at the next election that no one will name. It’s not austerity, although it is closely related to it. The elephant is the question that floored Natalie Bennett of the Greens this week, and is the automatic response of any questioner to any proposal that any politician makes, which is: How are you going to pay for it?, writes Richard Murphy in his Tax Research UK blog on 26th February 2015

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