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ConradJonesWe have a perfect opportunity in our History to make the transition from Private Bank created money system to a public created money system as we have the expertise of the Bank of England which is publcily owned and it is clear that the transition from 20% publicly created money system (1950s and 19...

3 days ago
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SimonThe government could raise taxes, or B of E raises interest rates to reduce the demand for commercial bank credit money if their are any inflationary fears. The heart of the problem is a lack of understanding amongst most MPs, Ministers and many economics commentators as to where money comes from, a...

5 days ago

SimonYoung tend to borrow, older save or receive proceeds from a house sale, often which a young person has borrowed to pay for. The commercial banks as a group greatly increased the money supply with much more lending between 1970 and 2007, inflating house prices by more than 25 X. The future for young ...

5 days ago

James MurrayHi David,This level of debt certainly is worrying.I note the letter to Philip Hammond This again urged him on the path of Sovereign Money Creation and then injecting it into the real economy - citizens’ dividend, house building infrastructure investment to reduce...

6 days ago
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etniksThe key to winning this battle is UNDERSTANDING by many voters of how fraudulent the Fractional Reserve Banking System is.Nobody from any political preference wants to be taken advantage of, and the Debt-Based money system is a crook's dream to live from other people's efforts.While there are many v...

2 weeks ago
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James MurrayFran,It was great that you got onto such a widely listened to show as this on BBC Radio London, so well done to the team for becoming the go-to group for commentating on the actions of the Treasury and its Chancellor.You managed to get over that the £70 billion of new QE money should not have been ...

last month
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