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Ratul Rahman"Create Money for the People not financial Markets" I also want to say with you again and again.Thank You,Cogent. Accountants for IT contractors...

August 2016
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Change money change the world – Song (Video)

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"Since the crash of 2008 I have become very interested in the way our money system works.. or doesn't work.. and have been researching this extensively. I was really shocked however when I discovered that banks 'create' money and then lend it to us at interest, and it seems to me that all the other ills of society can be ascribed to this one fundamental error. I discovered a campaigning organisation called Positive Money who are attempting to bring this (incredibly hidden) fact into public and offer an alternative way of money creation which would enrich us all rather than just the banks.... so I decided to write a song about it. Hope you like it.",

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