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RJAnd the UK Govt will always have a buyer of bonds. remember UK Govt spending (unlike Euro countries spending) increases very low interest reserves held by UK banks. If no one else will the banks will always buy bonds when the real interest rate is higher than their excess reserves rate....

4 weeks ago

RJQE was done for a number of reasons1 To reduce real interest rates. Fewer T bonds = more demand for bonds = in theory lower real interest rates.2 Increases the reserves held by banks. As bond purchases drain reserves (issued when govt pay an entity). The BoE buying them back reverses this draining ...

4 weeks ago

RJFran. The UK Govt can spend without limit. So in this respect it makes no difference. QE also does not reduce (or increase) Govt debt....

4 weeks ago
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Positive Money Retreat 2015 – join us!

cumbria university

Last year, on the eve of the Scottish referendum, the Positive Money team travelled to Ambleside in the Lake District. With anticipation (and some trepidation), we put the final touches to the the design of the weekend and waited for 22 participants of the first Positive Money retreat to arrive.

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