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Eckhard WolffThank You Emma & positive money … with much support and donates we will win this important step/milestone! Eckhard Wolff...


Emma DawnayThank you! (For the donation and the query)...


Emma DawnayYou can make a Bank transfer but you'll typically be charged about £22 for this. You need to know the name "Vollgeld-Initiative" and IBAN number "IBAN CH61 0900 0000 6035 4546 4"....

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Building an international movement – We’re hiring

Over the last 5 years, there have been some big milestones for the campaign to reform the money system. Within the UK, Positive Money has sparked a debate amongst policymakers, key academic thinkers, politicians, and the Bank of England. But, that is just the beginning. The International Movement for Money Reform is taking off across the world:

George McCarthyThe whole Economy needs reviewing! In 1969, Corporations did deals with governments to allow 'free trade' [limit taxation] they then went and sent all their manufacturing over-seas. This was compounded in the UK, by the sale of Public Utility companies, which saw thousands lose their jobs; Ship Buil...

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