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wolfmanjack'Depositors are hardly likely to hold huge amounts of cash at home under the mattress.'You would think so wouldn't you. But in fact more and more people I know are leaving less and less cash in their banks for fear of the oncoming crash when, Cyprus-style, they will lose a significant proportion of ...

1 weeks ago

Laurence James HowellHi,The whole thrust of your approach is based on the fact that the applicant receives a "loan" This is a fallacy and not easily understood. New currency is created for the new applicant by the exchange of credit, the applicant via the Application Booklet which in reality is a prommissory note and it...

3 weeks ago

RJI'm know I'm right on these two points. (So that makes you wrong)Govt spending creates new reserves. (Tax and bonds drain these reserves). This is a fact. But some get tied in a knot as to what comes first. The tax/bond issue or the Govt spending. But where do the initial reserves come from. And ban...

5 weeks ago
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Positive Money Retreat 2015 – join us!

cumbria university

Last year, on the eve of the Scottish referendum, the Positive Money team travelled to Ambleside in the Lake District. With anticipation (and some trepidation), we put the final touches to the the design of the weekend and waited for 22 participants of the first Positive Money retreat to arrive.

Kiril Mihaylovit is 100 % bank-created money not 97 % .... 90 % is private bank money and the other 10 % is central bank created money .... CBs are also private !!! the majority of people don't understand the system !!!!...

3 weeks ago

disqus_mo8c3tVuI1Yes the system is not working...something has gone badly wrong and the culprits are bankers who think only profits driven by greed and no conscientiousness. Yes we do need a revolution but no any revolution but a Revolution of the Mind!...

last month

Auburn ParksYes, there is definitely a taboo against "creating money and spending it", you see it all the time when people talk about wanting to run budget surpluses and shrink the Govt's budget deficit. QE has nothing to do with this as QE is not printing money, all QE does is exchange balances in one type of ...

last month
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