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Our names in the paper

andrew tyrie

What an exciting few weeks for the Positive Money campaign! Rounding off this morning with this full-page splash in the local newspaper of the Chair of the influential Treasury Select Committee of MPs. Here’s our crowd-funded advert in the Chichester Observer last week:

Vince RichardsonThe Chinese are well ahead on this,but they have banned the financial sector using bitcoin.This may prove a temptation for all central banks.http://www.caixinglobal.com......

February 2017

medialAxisSeems another local currency's taking off [1]. Interestingly, if I've read it correctly, it's based on bitcoin. It might be wise for PM to wake up to bitcoin [2], at least take it more seriously and revise its (Ben's) view of it.[1] http://bitcoinist.com/liver..., which has link to http://liverpoolp...

February 2017

Vince RichardsonDon't see anything wrong with other money sources,as long as it it is not backed by the taxpayer....

January 2017
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