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Vince RichardsonThe Chinese are well ahead on this,but they have banned the financial sector using bitcoin.This may prove a temptation for all central banks.http://www.caixinglobal.com/20......

4 weeks ago

medialAxisSeems another local currency's taking off [1]. Interestingly, if I've read it correctly, it's based on bitcoin. It might be wise for PM to wake up to bitcoin [2], at least take it more seriously and revise its (Ben's) view of it.[1] http://bitcoinist.com/liverpoo..., which has link to http://liverpo...

4 weeks ago

Vince RichardsonDon't see anything wrong with other money sources,as long as it it is not backed by the taxpayer....

4 weeks ago
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10,000-strong petition delivered to the Treasury

Two weeks ago, thanks to Positive Money supporters sharing the petition, and hitting the streets together to gather signatures, we delivered our biggest ever petition to the government. Over 10,500 of us called on Chancellor Philip Hammond to stop pumping new money into financial markets, propping up the rich, and instead spend new money on projects that would benefit everyone in society.

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