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John originally studied general science at Trinity College Dublin, eventually receiving a Phd on fusion plasma research at CCFE, Oxfordshire and going on to perform spectroscopic research at General Fusion in Vancouver. A man of many interests, John dabbled in politics and was briefly a senator of Europe United, a fellow of the E3 foundation, a prestigious Cambridge-based think-tank, and has served on the board of Village Vancouver, a Transition Initiative aimed at building local resilient economies and self-reliant, caring communities. Throughout his career he was concerned by the lack of direction in moral, political and economic thought when compared to the speed of scientific progress, and has worked to address this. John currently writes political and moral philosophy and serves as ambassador for The Seasteading Institute.

The philosophy of money

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Once we understand the true purpose of money, we can identify the most ethical and desirable financial systems that serve this purpose. My book, The Philosophical Method, shows how money, at its core, is a tool to facilitate will. Not all our desires are mutually realisable. For instance, I cannot simultaneously holiday in both the US and Australia. I have only one body and this constrains what I can do at any one time. Furthermore, there are many tasks we cannot simultaneously perform for others. We cannot cook and drive a taxi at the same time, for example.

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