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Ed is Positive Money's economist, responsible for our research. He worked for nine years in asset management as an equity analyst and macro-economist. He has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University including a top-five placed Double-First in microeconomics. More recently, he worked as a senior researcher at Tomorrow’s Company leading their work on the investment chain and a project to financially map the UK economy.

medialAxisIn a functioning economy shouldn't goods get cheaper as time goes by, simply because productivity increases with time? So doesn't that mean that, in functioning economy, there's no real need for increasing wages nor indeed for inflation?...

1 hour ago
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PJMThanks, Ed. IMHO your analysis is spot on!IMHO, switching to a Sovereign Money banking and monetary system is a no-brainer. However, the money powers of the City will fight tooth and nail and use every dirty trick -- even those not yet in "the book" -- to prevent that from happening.Only people-powe...

4 weeks ago
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