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watawaI.m in positive money. There is a national election in spain. Any chance of organizing domething here?....

May 2016

James MurrayI must with all seriousness nominate that veritable master of economic clarification - RJ....

May 2016
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James MurrayWaterloo's PM Group Lesley is absolutely right.It is, as she says, so difficult a call to be on show in this sort of situation.You are so eager to carry the good word, and so brim of full of information to give out.But always to control of your enthusiasm - and remember that most people you meet are...

March 2016
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Priyanka singhwhile others are campaigning for the first time. Our movement February 2017 calendar includes elected representatives in all major UK political parties. Over a dozen Positive Money supporters...

January 2017
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Positive Money Retreat 2015 – join us!

cumbria university

Last year, on the eve of the Scottish referendum, the Positive Money team travelled to Ambleside in the Lake District. With anticipation (and some trepidation), we put the final touches to the the design of the weekend and waited for 22 participants of the first Positive Money retreat to arrive.

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