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Would stripping banks of their power to create money cause a shortage of money, high unemployment and an economic decline? (Report)

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Some economists and commentators have claimed that Positive Money’s proposals for a sovereign money system, in which banks are not permitted to create money, would leave the economy with a money and credit supply that is rigid, inflexible and unresponsive to the needs of the wider economy. According to one critic, such a system would result in “a shortage of money, high unemployment and low economic activity”.

Increasing Competition in Payment Services (Report)

competition in payment services

Since the crisis the government has been keen to encourage more competition between banks. Their main focus has been making it easier for people to switch their current account between different banks. But we think this misses a bigger opportunity: there is much more potential for competition from technology firms and mobile app developers, who could develop current/checking accounts and more user-friendly ways of handling your money and payments.

Andrew BuckleyThat's exactly right. When people are taught that they all deserve the same rights, they get outraged when it is demonstrated that they don't have them. When people are taught that the amount of money is determined for their benefit, they will be outraged if there is obvious misconduct in the proc...

December 2014

Andrew BuckleyThat's about as much as I know as well :). I don't think one can know any more about it until it's actually attempted....

December 2014

Fran GriffithsYou can think messy reality through as much as you like but it will still surprise you! And as you are thinking people continue suffer the consequences of a truly abysmal system. The representatives of the way things are would like us to argue for ever. While we fight amongst ourselves are leaving ...

December 2014
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ETNIKSI am so glad you in Britain are getting your Parlamentarians to discuss this most important issue and elevate the degree of consciousness they have regarding the importance of Money Creation relative to the Global Debt Crisis we're suffering....

November 2014
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