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Positive Money is a not-for-profit company and receives income from a network of committed individual supporters, and a few charitable trusts.

We have attracted funding from a number of trusts that prioritise the environment, the reduction of poverty, debt and inequality, and social justice. These trusts have recognised that our current banking and monetary system is a significant contributor to some of the main social and economic problems that we face today.

The trusts below have provided funding to help us get set up and established, but we depend on the support of individuals in order to keep campaigning for a banking system that works in the interests of ordinary people. If you can, please help with a small monthly donation.

Our Income and Expenditure for April 2015 – March 2016

Further details are available in our Annual Reports.






Our current supporting trusts are listed below.

Partners for a New Economy

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Partners for a New Economy is an international donor collaborative striving to change the way the economy operates so that it works for people and the planet. Their mission is to support innovative, high-risk interventions that transform our economic system so that it values ecological integrity and human wellbeing. Partners for a New Economy focuses  on our monetary system—how money is created and how it gets used in the economy. They are exploring how our monetary system currently incentivizes ecological harm, and identifying ways to reform it so that it protects nature and operates in the public interest.

KR Foundation


The KR Foundation considers that the root cause of long-term challenges posed by current and future generations living on a planet with finite resources, fragile ecosystems, and climate change is to be found in the structure of the current economy and the behaviours that accompany it. They are providing Positive Money with funding to coordinate and develop the International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR) into a purposeful and effective movement. The project focuses on Europe, home to 15 IMMR member organisations, and on the Quantitative Easing campaign in the Eurozone, which aims to raise awareness that money created through QE could be spent on things society needs, such as green energy infrastructure.


Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Positive Money is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT), a Quaker trust which seeks to transform the world by supporting people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice. Their funding enables Positive Money to carry out research to test whether the current monetary system is compatible with an economy that does not rely on continuing economic growth; and work with civil society organisations to develop a narrative on how to build a new sustainable economy.


R H Southern Trust

The RH Southern Trust funds projects that address society’s conflict with nature and the present dysfunctional economy. It also funds technologies that relieve disabilities. It is a family trust and two of the trustees are Quakers. The Trust has long-term involvement with the few projects it chooses and a particular interest in India.


The James Gibb Stuart Trust



The James Gibb Stuart Trust is a registered charity, based in Glasgow and established in April 2008. Its mission is to improve public education about economic theory and practice. Its vision is the reduction of overall levels of debt in society, at a personal, national, and international level, to the benefit of all, financially and socially. It creates, operates and supports educational projects which are in accord with its charitable objectives.

Positive Money’s agreement with JGST


Friends Provident Foundation


Friends Provident are providing Positive Money with funding from their ‘Towards a resilient economy’ programme. The aim of this funding programme is to contribute to a more resilient, fairer and sustainable economics system. The project being funded is for Positive Money to carry out influencing work to try and open a much wider discussion around money creation and monetary policy among civil society, policy makers, and economists.

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June 2014 – March 2016

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