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Could the Bank of England create money to pay into the economy as a Basic Income?

basic income

In televised debates during the recent general election campaign, several politicians made reference to there being no “magic money tree”. When in fact, there sort of is. This, together with a survey in 2014 that showed that only one in ten MPs know where money comes from, exposes a huge education gap amongst our most powerful elected officials, on one of the most important aspects of our economy: money.

Suffolk JasonAm I right in saying that there's an optimal amount of money that the government can create before inflation makes it counter-productive? If so, does this place responsibility on the UK government to make sure that every pound of money pumped into the economy is wisely invested? Does this suggest a ...

2 days ago

Marco SabaThe Second question is where the LIBOR come from. Here: Is LIBOR, Benchmark for Trillions of Dollars in Transactions, a Lie? https://www.rollingstone.co......

2 days ago

Bill KruseIndeed, very neatly explained :-)...

3 days ago
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