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medialAxisTrue, we now even have paper gold! That is why the likes of bitcoin are so important[1]. Some see the fact bitcoin is not under central control as a flaw but it's not, it's what comes with a decentrailsed system. It can also be seen as a feature, it cannot be controlled by any single entity, only by...

3 weeks ago

Anthony BrowneThe world owes trillions in debt, it can never be repaid and its caused by massive corruption by the criminal banking system, money will soon be worthless, a lot of people think its time to buy physical gold and i agree but the problem with that is the banksters are manipulating that as well....

3 weeks ago

Marco SabaStress testing central banks: Bank of Italy Feels People Shouldn’t Create Their Own Currencies http://www.newsbtc.com/2017......

3 weeks ago
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