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medialAxisInteresting article here[1], alluded to by Marco Saba, I think, in another thread. Seems some citizens are doing what the banks do, creating money out of thin air (if I've got it right), and the banks don't like it. Personally, as time passes my confidence in the likes of bitcoin grows (even with th...

5 weeks ago

Marco SabaJust a blunder there: Virtual Euro is a TANGIBLE liquid asset - not INTANGIBLE as purported by the Dutch author....

last month

medialAxisFrom what I read it's not clear if it'll be true digital cash. With cash trading is private, no 3rd party gets a look in. I'll be interesting to see how things develop, I mean, they way the EU will be torn between the right to privacy and the prevention of terrorism and/or tax evasion....

last month
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