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Vince RichardsonI hear what you say and agree.There is a willing audience ,the students themselves.Funnily enough I saw this post a while back by one of our local members,just about shows what we are up against. https://uploads.disquscdn.c......

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James MurrayHi Vince,I read what you say note from the Advisory Panel page,http://positivemoney.org/ab...that Steve Keen's book "Debunking Economics" is used in several economics courses and so some penetration of PM ideas must have taken place in courses.I count that there are approaching 1,000 higher educatio...

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Vince RichardsonHi Jim,The Rethinking Economics site has been specifically set up to address this and students are coming to it and teaching themselves, something the Economics depts are not doing...all over the country.We had 3 students come in to see our NE group and ask for us to do a talk at their dept at the ...

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