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PJMBetter not to use MMT as an abbreviation for Magic Money Tree because MMT has been used for many years as the abbreviation for Modern Monetary Theory....

2 weeks ago

Roger Glyndwr Lewishttp://share.snacktools.com...http://davidmalonegreenpart...I Made these interactive Quizes based upion the Positive Money Quiz By David Farady https://www.quiz-maker.com/... and the money creation Survey of MP´s https://www.quiz-maker.com/... The degree of ignorance paraded constantly since th...

4 weeks ago

Paul DunbarPretty confused here but let's give this a shot. Governments can spend money collected through raxation and also that created by the BoE. I'm tagging on to that bit. When the country's infrastructure requires funding then funds come from taxes or BoE. And the BoE can generate funds from the magic mo...

5 weeks ago
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