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Setting the record straight: Sovereign Money is not Full-Reserve Banking

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The German Bundesbank has recently released an interesting report on the role of banks, non-banks, and the central bank in the money creation process. We have a few issues with the Bundesbank article; however, the majority of the analysis is good. More importantly, the conclusions drawn from the report by news outlets and the blogosphere are misleading.

NicholBI'd think it makes sense to monitor prices in various domains separately. And steer money creation into productive parts of the economy directly. For that is makes sense to have a government investment bank. Or a few that each specialise on their own segment of the economy. Then the central bank ca...

5 weeks ago

HowardPerhaps because supporting sovereign money is the "third rail" of an economists career. Why? Because money is power.Bernhard Lietaer asked Paul Krugman, “Why, with all your influence, don’t you tell people how the money system works?Paul replied, “Didn’t they warn you about not touching the ...

May 2017

HowardSo much of the new money created today goes into speculation instead of the real economy. If new money created by government was spent, lent or gifted into the economy for things people really need and use wouldn't there be little concern about inflation? Inflation occurs due to money going to thin...

May 2017
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Positive Money’s submission to the Treasury Select Committee on the effectiveness and impact of post-2008 UK monetary policy

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The House of Commons Treasury Select Committee is undertaking a landmark inquiry into monetary policy. Our aim is to persuade the committee to acknowledge monetary policy’s bad side-effects and to consider the benefits of fairer and more sustainable monetary policy tools. With this in mind, we coordinated a joint letter from over 40 leading economists, as well as a statement from nearly 10,000 people.

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