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Chris CookFirst point is that a complete political economy may be built using only risk, production & cost sharing agreements & promises/credit instruments. These agreements and instruments pre-date modern finance capital (debt, equity & derivatives) by millennia and will replace them.Secondly, be...

April 2017

James MurrayChris,I did ask that you simplify your very long and, to me, indigestible post so that your point may be better understood.Your reply regretfully does not that simple clarity.Perhaps I am a bear of very little brain.But on your two points:1. "...neither debt nor equity are necessary"Why? And so wh...

April 2017

Chris CookThanks for your response, James.Firstly, in relation to double entry book-keeping, debits and credits are not limited to accounts receivable and payable: they also relate to the equity claims of owners on one side of the balance sheet, and an asset registry (memorandum account) on the other side of ...

April 2017
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