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Review of “The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers”

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Summary Ann Pettifor’s new book, The Production of Money, is an excellent contribution to the growing body of thought exposing mainstream, neoclassical economics’ poor understanding of money, banking, and finance, and how its thinking has led to a financial system that we serve, rather than one that serves us.

medialAxisI guess it won't be 1st world economies that take a lead in challenging the banks (too much vested interest IMO or too much entanglement of banks with govts), which is interesting in itself (could leave the 1st world lagging behind). Not sure how S Korea's economy is classified but they're looking a...

April 2017

Laughing_GnomeVery good point Medial Axis. The cashless aspect had gone out of my mind. I had forgotten the hunt is on for cash and that negative interest rates are one of the likely drivers. Also getting potential visibility of all taxable activity. The reach-in and grab could also happen, but I suspect they wou...

April 2017

medialAxisLooks like quite a few central banks are jumping on the "block chain" or at least looking to providing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and accounts to retail customers. Some down sides might be loss of privacy, tax taken on the fly (up to you to claim it back if it's wrong) and negative inter...

April 2017
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