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James MurraySimon,Finding a major economist who is not from the banks and in a position of power, such as Governor of a Central Bank will be very difficult.Carney at the BoE is a case in point.I listened to his talk at Liverpool Business Conference:https://www.youtube.com/wat...All he could do was describe the ...

April 2017

SimonProbably Jim. I suggested to Ellen that infrastructure projects could be carefully and competitively costed and the State or Central Bank could provide interest free loans for that amount. Repaying the loans would have a deflationary effect. The fears of conventional economists about inflation are m...

April 2017

James MurrayIt's puzzle.Let us imagine that Trump the politician had its Government happened upon a surprise motherload of practically pure gold on federal land, almost ready easily to be melted down and used as currency, and so without the pain of more taxes, more borrowing, a greater increase in the National ...

April 2017
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