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Boosting happiness and savings through design

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Emotions have been a widely explored research topic during the last couple of decades. In the field of Design, it has been used as a tool to inspire designers to develop products or services that foster human flourishing. The Delft Institute of Positive Design (DIOPD), led by Pieter Desmet and Anna Pohlmeyer, is one of the most prolific research groups in this area. Along with them, I was able to start researching on the emotional impact of saving money.

sandefrancI have to say that I partially agree with you. In order to answer your questions, allow me to illustrate you a bit more about the purpose of this research. It is true that all financial services are merging to digital platforms, but still, we are not there. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to unde...

February 2017

Marco SabaYes, sure. As a matter of fact, most people don't know that there are no laws forbidding the creation of legal tender digital money - without the need of recurring to surrogates like BitCoin. This was stated by an Italian Court in September 6, 2016: "The bank do create money because there are no law...

February 2017

medialAxis"What about creating your own bank or your own money ?"Some are doing juts that. All wealth comes from land and labour, as a chap named Smith said, so it seems to me money ought come those two too. Used to be people mined gold but now, in this digital age, people mine bitcoin and such.AISI most peop...

February 2017
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galenvalThe problem with this example is that Bob is operating like a savings bank rather than a commercial bank. They are completely different. Savings banks, like Bob, lend out existing money. When the loan is repaid with interest, the money can be relent. Commercial banks don't do that. They create money...

June 2017

Zack, Positive MoneyThanks for linking the Steve Keen article and the comments section there, it was an interesting read....

May 2017

Roger Glyndwr LewisTest Comment for Zack...

April 2017
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