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medialAxisHere's a firm (Abra) that uses bitcoin to enable the unbanked, and banked, transfer money across the world [1] (I'm posting the link in quotes in the hope it doesn't load the page linked to). It's not available in the UK yet. I guess they use tellers to enable the unbanked to access the service. I d...

January 2017

Vince RichardsonThanks for an interesting article.Confirms everything I have read in the last 5 years, my wife has worked for Barclays Corporate for the last 30 years and is nearing her retirement.She has seen the heyday of that kind of banking....

January 2017

medialAxisYes, bitcoin needs be easy to use for the general punter else it won't be used, but they don't need to understand how it works under the hood, just like they don't need to understand TCP/IP protocol on which the internet depends. They can send emails with cat pictures, even videos, attached with out...

January 2017
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