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Tom SmithWow! I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly. CryptoGLD ...

last month

medialAxisHere's a link[1] to a short article arguing Central Banks can never issue digital cash, or at least not in a secure way. CBs are such big honey pots they're bound to get hacked eventually. Owners of bitcoins can be hacked too but that's just one individual. Hacking bitcoin's public ledger (the block...

April 2017

medialAxisA really interesting (IMO) talk[1] by Simon Dixon, of BnkToTheFuture.com, on blockchain and banks. If you haven't the time, or the inclination, to view it all you can jump to 30mins to hear his predictions of how things may pan out. For instance, banks becoming more like P2P lenders but still with t...

February 2017
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