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Vince RichardsonYes one gets te feeling that this is the state coming in to join the party.My guess is that they will eventually want to be the only guest,it would be hard to control the money supply if you don't control the money issue.So the likes of Bitcoin will likely be banned or restricted in some way....

3 days ago

SimonThe commercial banks issuing credit model, to get money into the economy, is not sustainable given ageing societies, and automation. It requires growing younger populations to continue to take on more debt, to help pay for pensions and people not working. Creaking public health care, and declining s...

2 weeks ago

medialAxis"A central bank issued digital currency, on the other hand, would be an extension of cash – a direct claim on the central bank. It would, by definition, be fully protected from default."But not from negative interest rates, I suspect. So it's not digital cash at all. Cash does not require a truste...

2 weeks ago
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