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Richard SibleyHaving supported Positive Money from the start, I see no reason why government couldn't use the legal statutes already in place, which gives them the right to pass any law (which in their mind was vital to the well being of Britain), whether in their last manifesto or not, to make the supply of new ...

September 2016

Robert Bostickhttp://goo.gl/a5zMg6 Britain has a non-convertible, fiat currency with a flexible exchange rate and none of its "debt" in a foreign currency. As such nothing constrains central government spending except the spectre of inflation, highly unlikely.Tax policy, therefore, serves to manage inflation, inc...

August 2016

bankster01Suggested again in email to Carney and Hammond that Sovereign money could be used to improve infrastructure. Main benefits are taxes can be lower, less need for public and private borrowing, less need for austerity, and it helps to pay down existing debts. Deflationary pressures are very strong at t...

July 2016
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