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Prominent Economists Who Advocate a Different Type of Quantitative Easing

Both John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman proposed a style of Quantitative Easing (QE) that was aimed at the real economy. In effect they advocated a different form of QE than that which we are experiencing today: one that would be relayed away from the banking sector and speculators and towards consumers, non-financial businesses and low income earners - and one that could directly back investment projects, rather than create risky asset price bubbles. But who are Keynes’s and Friedman’s contemporaries?

Matt UsselmannHow about Milton Friedman, one of Mrs Thatcher's favourite economists:He said: "Under the proposal, government expenditures would be financed entirely by either tax revenues or the creation of money, that is, the issue of non-interest-bearing securities."More, and what it would do to British debt if...

November 2015

JustinwalkerWhy have you totally ignored those telling quotes and not answered my questions I put to you? And what's all this rubbish about 'dumb conspiracy theories'? Is this really the best you can do? I'm afraid that your ignorance on money creation and money supply has been exposed for all to see and I w...

August 2015

Robert SearleThe thinking here is too simplistic, and too black and white....! I am not into largely dumb conspiracy theories either....

August 2015
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