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LloydBitcoin has the largest merchant network and the most number of users, so it's backed by the biggest crypto currency network. As for tulip madness, bitcoin's market capitalisation at less than $5 billion is dwarfed by the market capitalisation of gold, which cannot be used by ordinary people for buy...

November 2014

RJBitcoins? Maybe when the price was low. But now its like the tulip madness. The price is based on more fools buying and holding bitcoins when there is nothing at all backing the value (money has debt and the rule of law backing it). But I'm sure the creator (or more likely creators) of bitcoin have ...

November 2014

sacicrI listened to the debate. I would love to here from economsts and monetary reformers an analysis of the debate. For instance, Steve Baker was right to say that what we have now is not a free market, but a monopoly on creating money as a debt. His solution was bitcoin and other free currencies. I wou...

November 2014
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