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jack loachSods -----Law.July.----2014.For almost twodecades we have strived to get justice for the injustice we havesuffered at the hands of a world renowned bank--- PICTET & CIE.BANK.Two yorkshiremenboth running their own small family businesses trying to resolve theproblem by taking all the correct lega...

July 2014

Dennis R PerrinAlso, our friend Lord Turner says that because he "went through a legal process that generates hundreds and hundreds of files, and which involve confidentiality", then names and details of irresponsible banking trading cannot be revealed because of "insufficient evidence". So in the end, if you have...

February 2014

Dennis R PerrinLord Turner says "we have not been radical enough" but does not offer a solution or mention the causes of the banking crisis. There are he says socially useless financial instruments such as credit default swops, which were created in order to bet against, and so make more money out of debt and defa...

February 2014
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Nete SølvssøeHow bad it already is:.....http://www.upworthy.com/9-out-of-1......

February 2014

Stop the MadnessIt's a vicious circle as it is the rich who donate ££ to help the politicians get elected, and then the politicians genuflect to every wish the rich have....

February 2014

DannyboyAnother good reason for this campaign then :)...

January 2014
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PolymathI support Positive Money wholeheartedly....

October 2014
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People & Money – The real problem is to not act

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In the last few months, I contemplated the idea of organising an event in Leicester about Money and the financial system. I first started by looking for a supportive group of individuals to do it with but after few unsuccessful  attempts in recruiting people and ensuring continuous involvement, it became clear that speaking was not enough but that I had to take action. I was letting go of my passive consumer shield to be more of an active citizen.

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